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TFLN Pan-fandom Comment Meme

I hereby blame Trav, Wendy, Dan, all of witter and the internet at large.



All prompts must include an actual posting (only one per prompt, please) from Texts From Last Night – you can include additional prompting info if you want but we encourage leaving as much room as you can for those who want to fill. We do ask, as a courtesy to all, that before you prompt you take a moment to glance through what has been prompted already so we don’t get lots of duplicates.
Genders or names noted in the TFLN can be changed to suit the fill as needed.

For the first time ever, we're doing this pan-fandom style - any and all pairings are welcome! FPF, RPF, gen, slash, femmeslash or het – anything!

If you have a pairing or rating preference, please note it along with your prompt.

For fills, please include FILLED at the beginning of your fill, along with the pairing and rating. Also be sure to warn for anything triggery.

Anybody can leave prompts, anybody can fill prompts, and there’s no limit on how many times a prompt can be filled; the more fills, the better!

And of course, please pimp and share!


Danny/Stiles, Danny/Jackson - (541): Well his dad was his wingman, so I had to fuck him. I didnt want his dad to think that he was doing a bad job - NC-17 - by olavina
J2 - (+61): remember that guy i blew in a bathroom in barcelona, i just blew him again in rome. lightning does strike twice. - NC-17 - by zubeneschamali
profess your love

BTI: Year One *confetti*

I can't believe it but it's true - one year ago today I posted my very first fanfic. Seriously, what did I do with my life before I wrote porn incessantly? More importantly, what did I do before I had all of you to read my insanity and listen to my ramblings and pet my fragile ego/gigantic mutant plot bunnies? My friends, my loves, it has been a truly great year!

So, in the spirit of kinking... er, kicking off another year of boy!pornz, I'm following the advice of my dear flisties voxmyriad  and ladytiferet  and having a party post! Show me your love - comment fic, pic spams, gifs, icons of debauchery, that random porny scene you've never managed to fit into a fic, an admission of your super-secret fic of mine (because, c'mon, some of them are embarrassing to enjoy); whatever you've got, hit me with it! It's just for fun!

And, since it's my responsibility to kick things off - it is my party, after all! - here it is my dears, the very first fanfic I ever wrote. Oh how far we've come!

Thank you all so much for sticking with me this year and encouraging me to keep on doing this crazy thing I do! I could not love you more!

*hugs and kisses*