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Feb. 28th, 2011 @ 07:41 pm Master Fic List - J2 FICS
Click for Wincest , Weecest, or Other Pairing fics

NOTE: All pairings are listed in order of who tops, so in Jensen/Jared, Jensen tops. Some of them are a little less clear cut, so I make my best guess.
I am currently in the process of uploading all fics to AO3


Here There Be Monsters - AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 2,364
Warnings: AU, mermaid!Jared, pirate!Jensen, brief h/c, frottage, moderate crackiness (as I said, Jared is a mermaid)
Notes: Written for spnspringfling for the prompts "J2" and "pirates and mermaids" by stellamira.
Summary - Jared can't really say he's ever understood whales much, but he's starting to think Jensen might be odd even by whale standards.

The Seeds You Plant - AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R (mostly for language) -- Wordcount: 3,900
Warnings: Hero!AU, mentions of violence, mild criminal activity, teen!Jared
Notes: Basically, Jensen is sort of the Red Hood, Jared is sort of Tim Drake and they're both sort of Jason Todd. Somehow.
Summary - Depending on who you ask, the Reaper is A) a criminal B) a hero C) a lunatic or D) all of the above.

Loud and Clear - Ao3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 6,400
Warnings: Knotting!AU, omega!Jared, alpha!Jensen, UST, angst, male self-lubrication, frottage, schmoop
Notes: Sequel to Late Bloomer - probably won't make much sense without reading that first.
Summary - Honest and up front here? Jensen's never really understood his friends who have gotten all gooey over their mates.

Late Bloomer -- on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 6,000
Warnings: Knotting AU, loner!virgin!omega!Jared, alpha!Jensen, heat!fic (and the inherent dub-con issues therein), self lubrication, first time, handjob, h/c
Summary - Far and away, being an omega is the least interesting thing about Jared.

Waiting On An Open Door -- on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 – Wordcount: 8,100
Warnings: AU, underage sex, some slight dub-con issues
Summary – So maybe Jensen's soft for the kid, maybe that hard-edged hunger in his eyes makes Jensen a little weak. Maybe it's a little lame for a 24 year old bartender to spend this much time thinking about an underage customer whose name he doesn't even know.

Drive Me Wild -- on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 7,300
Warnigs: college!AU, werewolves, knotting, mentions of cultural/racial insensitivity
Notes: In this AU, I opperated along the same physical parameters as true wolves, i.e. all weres have knots, there's no self-lubrication or impregnation for male betas. Just FYI, don't be disappointed.
Summary - It's just a thing, a funny little anomaly in his DNA that he has to compensate for. Realistically, there are people out there who are allergic to peanuts and strawberries and gluten - and thus, practically two-thirds of the world's joy - so comparatively, Jensen's always figured he had it easy. But that was before Jared Padalecki.

Premium Cable -- on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 3,000
Warnings: Non-AU!AU(???), public nudity, first time, faux-rough sex, frottage, UST, rain!porn, character bleed
Notes: It's time to claim Blindfold fills and here is the first one from me! For the prompt: Jared and Jensen got the main roles of Supernatural, but the show isn't on the CW but on HBO. Sam and Dean are incestuous and at first it's weird for Jared and Jensen, having to show their asses and dicks on a regular basis as well as filming rough gay sex scenes, but they soon find out that they like each other's dick quite a lot and that they may be even more fucked up that their characters.
Summary - It isn’t the fact that Jensen’s a guy that’s really bugging Jared at the moment. It’s more that he’s pretty sure Eric Kripke secretly wants to be making gay porn.

Only a Day Away
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: R -- Wordcount: 2,000
Warnings: college!AU, underage drinking
Notes: So, as those of you who follow us on twitter might know, gedry and I have been having way too much fun with Texts From Last Night and we're considering doing some kind of comm/challenge/thing with it. First, we decided, we should really gauge interest and see if anyone wants to do this crazy thing besides the two of us. So if you're into it, leave some love! The text shown is an actual TFLN (with the name changed, obvi). The title is to help get a different song stuck in paper_storm88's head ;)
Summary - (212): ok so I'm texting you now like I promised instead of drunktexting jensen and telling him how badly I want his cock tonight. aren't you proud? (1-212): this is Jensen, hi

Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 1,911
Warnings: Covert public sex, slight exhibitionism, schmoop
Notes: For my darling paper_storm88 on this, her birthday. Ok, fine, it was originally my submission for the third round of J2_LKS, which, as far as I can tell, is never going to happen now (watch it start back up immediately after I post this). The prompt was "sensory deprivation - fluff". But hey, schmoopy, fluff boys on your birthday can't be too bad, right?
Summary - “Tell me again how this is romantic,” Jensen drawls into the blackness. Dark dining; who the hell comes up with this shit?

Quench - On AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 1,950
Warnings: AU, PWP, alp!Jared, established relationship, nipple play, fully consensual blood-drinking
Notes: It's the second of my creature!boys fics, for ladytiferet's prompt: alp. Seriously, a creature known for drinking blood from men's nipples, like I was going to leave that alone?
Summary - “It’s okay, baby,” Jensen shushes him before he even gets started on a more thorough apology, “You’re supposed to tell me when you need it.”

Turning Tail - On AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,500 (drabble included)
Warnings: AU, kitsune!Jensen (in no way related to the kitsunes on SPN 7x03, just so we're clear)
Notes: The first of my creature!boys fics: for the "kitsune" prompt by none other than koneko_kitsune of course! I also iincluded a porny drabble of these two at the end because try as I might, the story itself just refused to turn into smut. Also, once again *title facepalm*.
Summary - “Have, um,” one of the two remaining tails in Jensen’s lap slips free, brushing over the shape of his legs folded beneath him, “Have they always been there? Do you hide them under your pants or something?”

Making Adjustments
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Worcount: 2,700
Warnings: sci fi AU, object insertion, medical kink, slight crackiness, shameful misuse of Dr. Who equipment
Notes: This is my j2_lks round two submission 1.0 - then I decided it was maybe a little too obvious a direction to go with the prompt and also totally failed to cut it down to size. So here, just some random kink! Yay!
Summary - Jared's always been nervous around doctors, long before he spent those six months listening to them tell him he'd never walk again or the six months after that prepping for and recovering from having experimental CyberniTech implants grafted onto what was left of his spine.

Resistance [is Futile}
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 2,000
Warnings: sci fi AU, body modification, frottage
Notes: Written for the second round of j2_lks - which I got the most votes for! *confetti* Yes, it is sad how much that excites me, shut up. Thanks to everyone who voted for me and to the other competitors as well - I really loved the fics this round, so much fun! I sort of wanted to jam some more random world building info in now that I'm not on a word limit, but I'm trying to behave, so I'm letting it stand as is. Also, I just can't help myself when it comes to the really bad titles.
Summary - His hand against Jensen's stomach gets the soldier flinching again, at least twice as hard as the one that jolts him when Jared tweezes the first splinter of elysium off of the tray and pierces the skin right at Jensen's hip with it.

Play Time
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: R (ish?) -- Wordcount: 1,500
Warnings: historical!AU, bondage, slight powerplay, shameful lack of pornz
Notes: Written for the first round of j2_lks and apparently just as obviously mine as I thought since everyone under the sun guessed it, LOL! Writing this in the alotted number of words was way harder than I thought - things just kept wanting to be a story. Thus the tragic lack of smut (I'll try to do better next round). Ah yes, I can practically hear the clamors for a porny sequel now. ;)
Summary -Jensen’s not about to put anything past a twenty-three year old the Dixie mob trusts with every ounce of speakeasy-liquor and dance hall-nickel running through Dallas-Fort Worth.

Method [with My Madness]
Pairing: (Jared)/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 2,200
Warnings: College!AU, masturbation, toys, PWP
Notes: Prequel to Developments - because i'd hate for ikemiker to go through any more DTs ;)
Summary - Facebook. Three and a half years after he first set eyes on Jared Padalecki and felt some integral part of his brain melt, Jensen finds out that Jared is into guys. Through Facebook.

Skinny Dipping
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 1,900
Warnings: Naked boys, skinny dipping (duh!), general ridiculousness, PWP
Notes: My porny fill for the Summerbreak Meme (I swear, this is the last of them) for those of you who were wondering where the smut was.
Summary - “I’m not doing this,” Jensen states firmly.

Introductions on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,400 (exactly!)
Warnings: AU, shy!stalker!Jared, courting!danger!Jensen, rough sex, jealous!Jared, dirty talk
Notes: Third and final blindfold fill for the prompt “Jensen's stalker is cute, in a puppy rottweiler kind of way (he's tall and huge, but obviously really shy). He seems harmless unless you watch his reactions what Jensen is on a date, or even kissing some other man. . . then his face changes. Oh, the look on his face makes Jensen shiver, and want. Jensen wants all that anger and leashed power to break all over him - so yes, he's trying to make his stalker come after him, to claim him.” Yes, I wrote stalker fic – I could not help myself.
Summary - Having a stalker is not actually supposed to be fun.

All's Fair on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating:NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,075
Warnings: AU, bondage, brief knifeplay, dub-con, topping-from-the-bottom!Jen, captive!Jared and, despite all of the kink a big, schmoopy love story
Notes: My second blindfold fill, written for the prompt, “Jensen is a powerful warlord. Jared is the leader of a faction who opposed him. When Jensen crushes Jared's faction (and possibly beats Jared in a one-on-one duel), Jensen claims Jared as his personal prize. Jared is delivered to Jensen's private rooms freshly bathed, oiled up and expecting to be brutalized but determined to keep a stoic face about it. Imagine his surprise when not only is Jensen (fairly) gentle (for a warlord), but he also pushes Jared down onto the bed and rides him. Bonus points for carrying it further and having Jensen make Jared into his right hand man/personal bodyguard who "services" Jensen regularly.”
Summary: It has been a long time since Jared was this close to Jensen without one or the other of them brandishing a weapon, even longer since he allowed himself to look at the man and really see him; not the Ackles clan personified or the creature who has haunted his every step in both name and deed like a stalking shadow, bent on proving him inferior, but the man - flesh and blood, just as mortal and fallible as Jared himself. Now that he has, he's not entirely certain that seeing it was a wise choice.

Peaches and Cream on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 1,500
Warnings: PWP, mild foodplay, shameless indulgence of my oral kink
Notes: If this ruins peaches, it's all cheebles fault - she gave me the prompt. Hooray for something not angsty as fuck! And yes, I am truly, deeply ashamed of the pun in that title, but I'm still not changing it.
Summary - Jensen has got to be the only human being alive who could eat out a piece of produce.

Devil's In Your Kiss on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,200
Warnings: Incubus!Jensen, under-his-spell!Jared and all of the dub-con issues that you might imagine go with that, barebacking, PWP
Notes: Apparently I'm on a creature!boys kick (dragon!Jared coming soon!). I originally started this as a blinfold fill for this prompt "Incubus!Jensen picks Jared up at a sports bar. He wasn't really hungry, but this kid--ah, this kid is fucking adorable, and he dropped so easy. Jared's totally in thrall, totally wide-eyed and pliant and wanting, only ever fucked girls before but right now he only wants to do what Jensen wants him to do." but then jellybean_slash did an absolutely perfect fill for it that I couldn't stand to mess up, so instead I did a remix - same concept, but slightly different trappings. Hope this doesn't step on any toes, I just love Incubus!Jensen. Title from the song "Crying" by Aerosmith
Summary - Easy prey is not Jensen's thing.

Unchangeable on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 13,000
Warnings: High school AU, underage, dragon!Jared, creature!everybody-but-Jensen, adopted!brothers!j2, NSFW image at the end.
Notes: Sometimes when I finish things, I ask myself "Self, why did we create this?" Sometimes myself answers "Because the emotional and psychological aspects were interesting," or "Because it's important to challenge overselves," or "Because this kink - we need it". Other times myself just grins at me stupidly and starts to giggle. This fic falls under the latter heading. Also, assuming LJ lets me, I'm posting art to go along with it. I was going to do a sketch but when I started looking for reference pics, somehow it ended up turning into a manip instead. It's been a while since I did any photo work, but I'm pretty pleased with it over all. Hope you like.
Summary - Jared's basically the sweetest guy on the planet, except for the fact that he is actually a giant fire-breathing lizard.

Making Snowballs in Hell on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: PG-13 -- Wordcount: 3,500
Warnings: HS!AU, boykisses
Notes: written for the J2 Summer Break Comment Fic Meme for this prompt: Jared has summer school and hates it, until someone new comes in.
Summary - There are very few things in the whole wide frickin’ world that suck more than summer school.

Developments on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,000
Warnings: AU, nudity, slight voyeurism(?), much perving on Jensen's body
Notes: written for zuben_eschamali's prompt at the J2 Summerbreak meme: "Jared's seen some weird stuff in his job at the photo lab, so he's not going to judge whoever it is that's getting 8x10s of their summer vacation photos that apparently included a trip to a nude beach. He just doesn't expect the hotass in the photos to come to the store in person to pick them up." This really could have been a simple, fluffy one-off, it would have been so easy, but I have a compulsion that just refuses to let things be easy. You'll see what I mean.
Summary - Seriously, who besides little old ladies that are scared of their 'internet boxes' actually takes pictures on film anymore? Evidently, the answer is 'people who buy shitty one-time-use cameras on their tour of nude beaches'.

Skinny Dipping
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 1,900
Warnings: Naked boys, skinny dipping (duh!), general ridiculousness, PWP
Notes: My porny fill for the Summerbreak Meme (I swear, this is the last of them) for those of you who were wondering where the smut was.
Summary - “I’m not doing this,” Jensen states firmly.

With Abandon or Not At All (Complete in four parts)Available on AO3
Parings: Jared/Jensen, very brief Jared/Misha
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 24,150
Warnings: chef!AU, angst, schmoop, barebacking, punk!Jared, serious!Jensen, horrible!Danneel Written for the 2011 spn_j2_bigbang 
Summary: Jensen's life was complicated enough when his biggest worry was what crazy color his best friend/roommate/ex-boyfriend/co-executive chef, Jared, was going to dye his hair this week. Then his dreams came true and, somehow, his life started falling apart. Now he's got an insane client to please, a career-making meal to cook, a hodge-podge kitchen staff to corral, embarrassing, half-naked pictures plastered all over the internet and maybe, somewhere in there, a love of his life to win back.

This Is Ourselves
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG13 (what? I know!) -- Wordcount: 2,600
Warnings: Irredemable fluff, a ridiculous number of song references, meetcute, boykisses
Notes: If you take out the parts with the hot guys and the flirting, this was my morning. To soothe myself I made a meetcute out of it in lieu of murdering small children. Hooray for self-control! Also, yes, all of the songs listed are on my iPod (props to [info]cheebles  for "Temptation Waits") including the Legally Blonde soundtrack. Bite me. :p  Title from "Under Pressure"
Summary - It’s one of those days that Jensen can tell is going to be one of those days before it even starts. His only small solace is the – incredibly; like, holy shit – hot guy sharing the two-seater row on the plane with him. With the way Jensen’s luck is running today, the guy is probably the leader of some kind of militant anti-gay coalition.

Call It Even at AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount - 4,100
Warnings: non-AU (in as much as I'm capable of), PWP, prank war, gay chicken, inappropriate use of little blue pills
Notes: In an effort to get my WIP folder down under the 100 page mark *headdesk* I'm finishing old stuff while the new stuff bombards me with ideas. Here's a quick one (yes, 4,000 words is my version of quick)
Summary - "A week later, in the middle of inscribing his name on Jared's dick after entirely too many tequila shots, it occurs to Jensen that getting his best friend stupid-drunk to write on - and thus handle - his junk was a terrible plan."

Get Some [Ink] on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 10,100 (whole fic)
Warnings: AU, tattoo!artist!Jensen, moderate D/s themes, toys, slight underage (Jared is 17 for part of it), tattoo!kink, possibly very mild crack - depending on the scrupulous level of "this could really happen" you expect in your RPS PWP
Notes: In case you hadn't heard, my stories almost never turn into what I intended them to be. This is no exception. I blame [info]naidaildri  for encouraging my body!mod kink, everyone who asked for me to finish this on the WIP post and my friend who works in a sex toy shop for telling me about "The Tristan" (yes, it's real, though I don't think it comes in pink. 
Summary: Most high school kids who got lewd, cryptic notes from their bosses would probably have said bosses sued for sexual harassment. Most high school kids don't have bosses like Jensen.

Pushy Is A Virtue on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 3,350
Warnings: underage (not specified, but high school age), phone sex, comeplay (seriously, it's in all my fics), preacher's-kid!Jensen
Notes: A quick and extremely belated sequel to Where You Least Expect It - will probably make some sense without that, but I highly recommend reading the other first to get the full effect. Why is this the thing in my WIP folder that got finished? *hands*
Summary - "Fuck, Jensen," Jared swears, fucking reverently. Sort of gorgeous. Jensen’s cock wants to get a Peter Gabriel tape and go stand in Jared’s yard holding a boom box over its head all night, cheesy fucker.

Where You Least Expect It on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,300
Warnings: AU, underage (no age specified, but somewhere in high school),  smoking (is that a warning??), dirty talk, come play, mild D/s tones, Jensen being a very naughty boy.
Notes: Believe it or not, this started out being inspired by these two blindfold fills for a prompt about Jensen only letting Jared smoke cigarettes if he's the one holding them. It took on a life of it's own - IDEK. Also, once upon a time, [info]paper_storm88  told me that I have a bad habit of writing stories that require sequels - I think I did it again *facepalm*
Summary - Jared knows that Jensen Ackles is the Golden Boy reverend's kid who'd never even look Jared's way, let alone let something happen between them. Turns out Jared may be very, very wrong.

Excuse Me While I Facepalm [My Life Is A Comedy of Errors] on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,500
Warnings: shy!geek!Jensen, misunderstandings, facial, more misunderstandings, schmoop and a completely unhelpful Chris and Danneel
Notes: A direct sequel to Thinking of You [With Pencil in Hand], I think I may have birthed a verse - your move, [info]zuben_eschamali , your move ;) For the unindoctrinated, Daken is an omni-sexual character in the Marvel Comics universe (yes, I made Jensen a Marvel fanboy, gotta stick to my roots). Also, the glittery Venom shirt is real; my boyfriend owns and wears it, without the viable excuse of being gay. 
Summary -  Just when Jensen thinks he can't make a bigger idiot out of himself in front of Jared, he ascends to new heights of idiocy. Except, it turns out that maybe Jared kinda likes that.

Thinking of You [With Pencil In Hand] on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: PG-13 (OMG!!!! What is happening to me?) -- Wordcount: 1,700
Warnings: Schmoopy crushing boys, shy!geek!Jensen
Notes: Ok, I'm almost done with the next chapter of This Hell We've Made - it's ended up like twice as long as I thought it would - but in the meantime, this meet-cute wouldn't leave me alone. I fear that there may have to be a sequel, 'cause, you know, porn. Correction, there now is a sequel here.
Summary - Jensen is the painfully shy art student/comicbook geek who comes into the bookstore every week. Jared is the clerk with a massive crush on him.

This Hell We've Made - Part 1 - Part 2a - Part 2b - Part 3a - Part 3b - Part 4a - Part 4b - Part 5 - Part 6a - Part 6b - Part 7a - Part 7b(Complete)Now available as PDF on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17-- Wordcount: 68,700 (holy shit!)
Warnings: Mutant!AU, UST, angst, damaged!snarky!Jensen, empath!Jared, lots of porn and schmoop  - Mentions of past trauma, child abuse, prostitution and self harm
Notes: As always, special thanks go to [info]gedry , without whom this story simply would not exist, let alone be what it is today - she never takes credit, but trust me, her coaching was integral in all of this. I also want to thank everyone who read this and cheered me on and waited so patiently (or sometimes not so patiently, but that's ok!) for me to work it all out. This is the longest thing I've ever written and I wouldn't have gotten here without all of you.
Summary - Except for the fact that they were both born with remarkable superhuman abilities, and a seething mutual dislike, Jared and Jensen have nothing in common. Turns out, though, that they may also be the only ones who can save each other from themselves.

In The Flesh -- Part One -- Part Two -- Part Three -- Part Four -- Part Five -- Part Six  on AO3 (Complete)
Pairings: Jensen/Jared (with a side of Danneel/Steve, Tom/Mike)
Rating: NC-17-- Wordcount: aprox 30,000
Warnings: werewolf!AU, angst, schmoop, bloodplay, marking, JDM being a major prick
Summary - Jared's one of the few people who can pass through the woods unharmed by the fierce wolves that roam there - has been able to ever since he was a little boy and befriended a wolf pup. But there's a lot more to the story than Jared knows and when it comes time to make a choice, which life will he want?

No Apologies Necessary
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17  --  Wordcount: 4,300
Warnings: highschool!AU, rimming, light bondage, student/teacher(ish), Jensen as a hot librarian
Notes: Written for the prompt of fabulosity that [info]stillastranger  gave me a while back - not quite what you asked for bb, but hopefully close enough!
Summary - It's really all Jensen's fault anyway, because, honestly, how can the guy expect to walk around being all sweet and funny and smart and young and cool and 'call me Jensen' in a high school and not have some hormones rage? Especially when he has the nerve to look like that and, on top of it, be the fucking librarian! The hot librarian! It was like porn waiting to happen and Jensen's totally at fault for not seeing it coming.

Maybe This Time -- Part One -- Part Two -- Part Three -- Part Four -- Part Five -- Part Six  on AO3(Complete) Pairing: Jensen/Jared (plus, Tom/Mike and maybe a couple of others off to the side) Rating: NC-17  -- Wordcount: 6,800
Warnings: College!AU, UST, boys not getting along
Notes: I'm writing plot. I'm totally freaking out. I may be having an identity crisis.
Summary - There are worse things than being a freshman stuck in the senior dorm. Having three awesomely hot roommates, one of whom can't stand you? Well, that's a whole different ballgame

Never Say Never
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-AU (ish, I'm just pretending the whole marriage thing never happened. *finger in ears* la la la), come marking
Notes: Spent 3 hours on a plane yesterday, so I finished some smut! I suspect the guy sitting next to me on the flight enjoyed reading it over my shoulder, hope you do too!
Summary - Jensen's hit with a sudden bout of insomnia. Jared's got the cure.

Household Karma
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU, complete PWP
Notes: Written for [info]kelleigh 's prompt on the Workin' for the Man comment fic meme "Tenant and Building Super/Repairman. The tenant making excuses to get the super up to his apartment late on a Friday night..."
Summary: The new super in Jared's building is really hot, now all he has to do is find a way to get the guy into his apartment...

Proper Motivation
Fandom: Supernatural J2
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU - teenage skaters, touching, general perviness
Notes: A short little something (I suck at short) I wrote for the Gonna Make You Sweat sports comment-fic meme. The prompt was: "J2 AU (teenagers) Jared begged his mom for weeks to buy him a skateboard/ roller skates/ whatever-the-cool-kids-break-their-necks-on-today just so he'd finally have an excuse to go and hang out with Jensen. Jensen made it look a lot easier than it turn out to be though..."
Summary: Jared's hot friend and neighbor, skater boy Jensen, is trying to teach him to board. Jared kind of sucks, but Jensen's figuring out how to keep him motivated.

Opening Up
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: Nc-17
Warnings: Non-AU, rimming, fingering, first time, a hint of questionable consent at the very beginning - nothing here but porn
Notes: Two days ago I said I wasn't going to write any non-AU J2 stuff. I'm just going to stop saying I'm not going to do things. Also, the title is a terrible pun - I hate my brain.
Summary - Jared had a bad experience bottoming, Jensen plans to show him how good it can really be. 

Desperate Measures
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: AU - frat boys, drunk!Jared, dirty talk, talk of prior spanking - and that's all I'm saying, don't want to ruin the surprise.
Notes: All I know about the Greek system is that (like all other social activies everywhere) it should definitely include J2 sex. Jared, Jensen, feel free to get cracking on that anytime. Oh, also, the cuddling line toward the end is 100% stolen from blue_soaring over on IJ because I loved it more than words - hope there's no offense taken!
Summary - Jensen's never been able to get Jared's fraternity hazing out of his head; turns out neither can Jared.  

Curiosities on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Ratings: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 8,400
Warnings: mutant!AU (in no way related to This Hell We've Made), cat!Jensen (yes, you read that right), angst, schmoop, large amounts of oral kink, general perving on Jensen's kitty-ness - NOT BEASTIALITY, eveybody in this fic is at least mostly human.
Notes: I blame you all. And my brain. And you all. But especially gedry , for being my ever-fantastic enabler/cheerleader as well as ladytiferet and peepingdru for actively encouraging this madness. Also, ged and I have agreed that Jensen's kind of bobcat-esque, if you're looking for a mental reference. I have played very fast and loose with that idea, but I'm still sticking with the bobcat thing - look! (This is Jensen) (This is a bobcat) They're practically twins! Right down to the freckles! *hides face in shame*
Summary - “You have a kitty-cat tongue?” comes out far too high-pitched and incredulous, but c’mon – Jensen has a kitty-cat tongue??

Animal Instincts on AO3
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 2,300
Warnings: Animutant!AU, kitty!Jensen, schmoop by the truckload, marking, slightly possessive!Jen, um... mild somnophilia?
Notes: Sequel to Curiosities. Written partially in response to requests for more Kitty!Jensen and partly for this quote/prompt for priceless_pixie "I read once that the ancient Egyptians had fifty words for sand & the Eskimos had a hundred words for snow. I wish I had a thousand words for love, but all that comes to mind is the way you move against me while you sleep & there are no words for that." - Brian Andreas
Summary - Truth is, the night vision has always been the best thing about being a Plus.

Sex Kitten on AO3
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 5,400
Warnings: Animutant!AU, kitty!Jensen, possessive!Jensen, confused!Jared, arguing!boys, recreational drug use, angst, schmoop, marking, um... grooming? just a little.
Notes: Following Animal Instincts. This went through way too many rewrites for a damn story about catnip.
Summary - The real problem is, catnip isn’t exactly hard to procure. Which is how Jared ends up standing in front of the bathroom mirror staring into his own eyes at the horror of having just rubbed a friggin’ cat toy in places the poor innocent plush-mousey was never meant to go.

The Plan
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: amateur porn!AU, straight!Jared (totally consentual, though)
Notes: Written for the awesome Working Hard for the Money fic meme prompt "Jared and Jensen live together in an apartment. They both have jobs that don't pay all that great. They get behind in their rent and face eviction. They need the cash quick and desperate times... Jensen suggests on line amateur porn it pays well and quick. The only thing is Jared is straight but you know he's going to give in and like it... a lot!" Have I mentioned how I suck at following directions? Yeah, not quite the same as the prompt, but close!
Summary - Jared's plan is perfect: amateur porn = easy money = getting the heat turned back on... there's just that tiny little problem about Jared being straight. Then again, maybe that's not as much of a problem as he thought.

Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: amateur porn!AU, kinda UST, angst and a tiny bit of schmoop, mentions of rimming
Notes: Follow up to The Plan, at least one more in this verse I think...
Summary - Jensen has a problem with the whole porn thing... see, he kinda has a crush on Jared... ok, maybe more than a crush.

Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Amateurporn!AU, angst, schmoop, first time
Notes: Look, I finished something! Third in this AU - will probably make zero sense without the others (links below the cut). Special Thanks - to everybody who wished me well when things were full of suck (the bad kind) earlier this week and especially [info]stillastranger  for being the best porn cheerleader ever!
Summary: Jared never posted the last video and Jensen's not sure what that means.

Pretending Is Who We Are
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 8,800 (exactly!)
Warnings: first time D/s, breathplay, comeplay, lots of talk of kinks, pierced!Dom!switch!Jared and toppy!serious!Jensen
Notes: Oh boy. Well, I've been having this problem (when am I not?) of getting three quarters of the way through a fic and then deciding it's too boring/ridiculous/kinky to post and I'm sick of it, so this is me just sucking it up and posting. This was inspired by a prompt on the Working Hard for the Money comment fic meme but is probably in no way what the OP had in mind. It's really not what I intended to write for this either, but then the Kink Fairie showed up and my door and attacked me. Sorry. See the original prompt here
- Jared may be one of the most renowned Doms at the escort service, but he has needs nobody would suspect, least of all his roommate.

Halfway To In Love
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 5,800
Warnings: D/s, spanking, flagrant misuse of a hairbrush, edging (I learned a new term!), prostate milking, a splash of comeplay (pun!), naughty!sub!Jared and angry!Dom!Jensen
Notes: Since, like, everybody in the world requested a sequel to Pretending Is Who We Are, here it is. Fair warning guys, this one goes a bit heavier on both the D/s and the kink, if that's not your thing, please don't feel obligated to read this, I won't hold it against you. Also, for the record, everything I know about D/s comes from fanfic (except for the term edging, which [info]sgfansean  was kind enough to edjumacate me on!) so if any of you acutally know this stuff and find it wildly inaccurate, my apologies - I just make this stuff up in my head. And, finally, [info]ladytiferet  made some delicious manips to bribe me into writing this (I'm a sucker for a visual) - I'm including two at the end of the fic and you can also see another plus versions with frames here.
Summary: Jared had wanted to be punished. He's about to get more than he bargained for.

All The Right Answers To All The Wrong Questions
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 (I am so not kidding) -- Wordcount: 8,500
Warnings: D/s, some schmoop, some angst, cranky!needy!sub!Jared, TLC, mild predicament bondage, sounding (if you don't know what this is, I recommend looking it up before reading or this fic might bad-touch you) - in other words, heaping helpings of kink.
Notes: Third in what I am creatively calling the Escort!AU, following Halfway To In Love - there will be at least one more installment. This, my dear flistites, is why you do not pet the kink bunnies, because then they mutate and become bunnyzillas and I flood your life with this. I sincerely apologize. Also, I just want to take a moment to thank those of you out there who are actually in the scene who have commented, it's been very informative for me and I've enjoyed it very much - hoping not to disappoint you.
Summary - Jared's had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad week as a Dom and now it's his turn to be taken care of - in the kinkiest possible way.

One of These Days
Pairing: Jared/Jensen
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 10,200 Warnings: Escort!AU, D/s, angst, nipple play, toys, dirty talk, comeplay, facial, a touch of glasses!kink, gobs of schmoop, stubborn!sub!Jensen and reluctant!Dom!Jared (yes, you read that right)
Notes: The much promised part 4 of the Escort!AU - follows All The Right Answers To All The Wrong Questions. Posted in two parts because massive fic is massive. I still have a couple of drabble ideas for these boys, so I'm not calling this verse done, but the main plot line is now finished. Hope this helps to satisfy some of your cravings, you sick little freaks *smishes you all* ;)
Summary - Jensen needs to understand some things about what he's feeling; Jared becomes his unwitting accomplice.

Ace Up His Sleeve
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 5,600
Warnings: *deep breath* D/s, bootlicking, comeplay, barebacking, urethra play, an unnecessary amount of porny schmoop. 
Notes: Fifth installment in the Escort!AU, following One of These Days. These things just keep getting kinkier. For the record, this was really going to be a drabble, but then [info]naidaildri  ran across a mention of a Prince's Wand in one of my old fics. This happened. Also, I can be a teasing bitch, but I'm not quite cruel enough to leave you hanging here - there's at least one more installment coming on this verse. 
Summary - "Jensen's been expecting this for a couple of days now. Well, not this; he'd been expecting the package, not so much to walk into his bedroom to find his boyfriend sprawled out, naked, on his bed next to an open cardboard box, dry come shining on his belly as he mumbles contentedly in his sleep. Apparently Jared approves of his surprise."

An Offer He Can't Refuse
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 -- Wordcount: 4,700
Warnings: Escort!AU, D/s, mild exhibitionism, toys - despite the inherently large amount of porn, it's really just a massive excuse for schmoop.
Notes: Follows Ace Up His Sleeve in the Escort!AU. gedry  is a terrible, terrible enabler and as such, there has to be at least one story to follow this. Once you get to the end, it should be pretty obvious what that story will be but I won't spoiler anything here. I have been kidnapped by kink and cannot escape.
Summary - Don’t read anything into it, he keeps telling himself. Just because it’s a ring box doesn’t mean there’s a ring inside. It could be anything, really.

The Bitch of Living
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17 (maybe hard R)
Warnings: AU, lots of cursing, groping, kissing and sexual innuendo (no actual sex yet, but I'm working up to it)
Notes - My first J2. I've been reading bluesoaring's amazing Adam Lambert fic - yeah, shocked the shit out of me too! - over on IJ and kept wanting to be the boys, so now it is. So there. Also, the title's from Spring Awakening because I'm a huge geek and somehow it felt right.
Summary - There's a rumor Jensen Ackles band is cursed. Their new bassist, Jared, just thinks it's that Jensen's a major pain in the ass who can't keep his hands to himself. 

 And Living In Your Head
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rockstar!AU, teasing, groping, comeplay, masturbation, schmoop, angst... wow, that got out of hand. Oh yeah, and oral - you're welcome.
Notes: Follows "The Bitch of Living" in my J2 rockstar!AU. Would probably make sense without though, if you felt so inclined. And the title's from the song "The Bitch of Living" from Spring Awakening.
Summary - Jensen doesn't fit neatly into any of the little boxes Jared's made for his life; friend, boss, bandmate, lover. And it's only getting worse. 

My Whole Life's Like Some Test 
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rockstar!AU, exhibitionism, angst, schmoop
Notes: Third part of my rockstar!AU. I'm thinking I may need to do a purely-porn follow up after this because... well, you'll see.
Summary - Jared couldn't be happier to have Jensen as his boyfriend. Jensen is his boyfriend, right? Right?  

Just Getting Out of Bed
Pairing: Jensen/Jared
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: rockstar!AU, rain!porn
Notes: Fourth in the rockstar!AU. Immediately follows "My Whole Life's Like Some Test" so may not makes sense without that. I promised purely porn, and like the Pizza Hut of smut - I always deliver.
Summary - Jared and Jensen are back together - it's sex time. 
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